Sergio Aguero: ‘’ Messi joining Manchester City is extremely difficult’’

Lionel Messi is easily the most coveted player in the world of football, every club around Europe and the world would like to sign the Argentine attacker who continues dominating every pitch, every game he enters.

The problem with signing Messi is that he has an extremely close relationship with Barcelona. It was thanks to Barcelona that Messi is the player and the man that he is today. His relationship with the Spanish club goes far beyond the pitch.

On numerous occasions, the Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu as well as Luis Enrique have been asked what would be the price tag of Lionel Messi and their response has always been: ‘’Priceless’’. You simply can’t put a price tag on a player who has broken all records imaginable, someone who has outclassed every other player in the sport even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even though Barcelona does not have any intention of selling him, not now and possibly not ever, this hasn’t stopped rumors from emerging claiming that there are possible clubs where the Argentine attacker could go if he ever decides to leave Barcelona and one of the possible football destinations if Manchester City.

No price is too high for Manchester City, the Premier League club is one of the biggest spenders in football who are ready to dish out a large sum of money for their targets and Lionel Messi could reunite with his national teammate Sergio Aguero.

When Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero was asked about the possibility of seeing Lionel Messi joining Manchester City, the star of City said: “It’s very difficult for Leo to leave Barcelona because he’s played there since he was very young and it’s not easy for him to think about another team, so no. Hopefully he can be here at City obviously, but of course it’s always the player’s decision and I think he’s very comfortable and very calm in Barcelona.”

Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi have a very healthy relationship as both are the main stars of the Argentina national football team and fans of the national team would like to see both of them playing at club level but it’s something that might not happen ever.