Sergio Agüero is climbing the goalscorer list of Manchester City

Despite having only been a Manchester City player for 6 seasons, Sergio Aguero has already made his way into the history-books of the Premier League club as the Spanish attacker has scored 154 goals which is enough for him to snatch the 3rd spot in the all-time goal-scorers list of Manchester City.

Tommy Johnson has secured the 2nd spot with 166 goals and Eric Brook is at the top with 177 goals but taking into consideration the fact that Sergio Aguero only needed around 5 years to reach this feat is extremely impressive as Eric Brook took 13 years of performing with Manchester City to score all of his goals while Aguero is reaching that task in less than half of that period of time.

The 28 year old attacker is consistently scoring at least 23 goals in each season for Manchester City and at this pace, by the end of the season he should be able to reach the 2nd place of the all-time goal-scoring list.

The €45 million that Manchester City spent in signing Sergio Aguero back on 2011 has proven to be one of the best signings in the history of the Premier League as the Argentinean attacker is a player that manages to consistently score goals in each season as well as managing to avoid injuries.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that Aguero is regularly being targeted by top clubs and managers that want to secure the services of the Argentinean player who appears to be able to perform at an extremely high level despite being in either the Spanish League with Athletic Madrid or in the English League, the Premier League with his current club Manchester City.

Even though Aguero is frequently being offered the chance to perform in different clubs with distinct teams, neither Manchester City nor Aguero himself appear to be interested in ending their relationship which is good news for the Premier League club as they have in their control, one of the most talented players in the world and it’s even better for Aguero as he is climbing his way into the history-books of a club that can not only compete to win the Premier League but also the Champions League.