Former England captain David Beckham is at a crossroad over his bid to get all the requirements so he can have an MLS soccer team.

His bid to get a team has been delayed for all sorts of reasons. Now the fate rests on the county that owns a small plot of unused land which is crucial to his plans of building a stadium.

Beckham’s top advisor Tim Leiweke told residents of Overtown district that this is the “last chance”for them to get a stadium or a MLS soccer team. The group has failed three times to get previous sites and this could be the last attempt. They spent three years in securing USD500million in private funds but the politicking has delayed the project till date.

Beckham and the group have secured most parts of the land required for the 25,000 seater project but they need the last three acre to get the stadium. The county is set to vote on the land transfer deal on June 6. If the Beckham ownership group seal the USD9million deal, they would likely be awarded the MLS 24th franchise.

Leiweke, who has worked on 19 stadiums, said this was the most difficult process he has dealt with. The group premiered a new design which it believes is the best in the league during a community forum ahead of the vote.

The Miami Marlins baseball stadium agreement which involved almost USD500million initial public investment is set to be sold to a group for lessthan its value with the funds not going back to the public coffers. Despite the assurances of the Beckham group, the county remains sceptic.

Beckham’s group recently added LA Dodgers part owner Todd Boehly as part of their plans for robust funds which would all come from private coffers. The residents are treading softly as they have heard of it before – the announced plans. In addition, they are afraid of the vehicular and human traffic that would accompany the stadium, though there have been promises of jobs for the community and a youth academy.