Soccer Safari online review

Football-themed slots need to offer something really out of the ordinary if they are to get noticed, because there are just so many of them.

This is because slots themselves are the most popular form of online casino gaming, while football is the most popular sport in many parts of the world – making games that combine the two a natural option for developers. One football slot that has succeeded thanks to its quirkiness, amongst other things, is Soccer Safari. So just what do lovers of football and gaming get from this particular slot?

Well to start with, it is a non-progressive five-reel video slot with 30 pay lines, and it offers fans of online casino gaming a pretty decent maximum cash jackpot of $8000 equivalent. It also includes most of the other features that online casino fans have come to expect from modern slots, like wild and scatter symbols and a free spins feature that can increase their payout, but the actual premise behind Soccer Safari is quite unlike virtually any other slot.

It is an amusing idea that centres on a goofy group of animals competing in a World Cup-style tournament deep in the African jungle, and the video graphics offered by the slot really bring this premise to life.

This is enhanced by the screen display of a huge football arena, and the character of the elephant performs the role of commentator on the football action. Download here to also find a great football-based bonus game, that requires the player to take shots from different angles, continuing until you either score three times, one of the shots is saved by the lion in goal or you miss the target completely.

This all makes it great for football fans who want to combine their love of the game with a laugh and the chance to win a bit of money, and together this makes it a guaranteed winner. Furthermore, the idea behind it is so funny and unusual that, even if you aren’t much of a football fan, you are still likely to find playing Soccer Safari a lot of fun.