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Sergio Aguero Relaxing Ahead of Shakhter Tie

Aguero is relaxing the Champions League clash in City. He is in a great form and hoping to surprise match followers this as well just like his last performances. But right now he is relaxing with his love Sofia Calzetti, who is a model and a student. Sergio Aguero has photographed with his girl Ibiza recently ahead of Champions League clash that will take place in the City itself. The couple was captured soaking up in the sun before today’s side match played against Shakhtar Donetsk. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Sofia Calzetti shared Formentera’s snap as they looked in front of the sunset into the distance; she has posted this picture on her Instagram account. Smitten Sofia posted the picture with the caption: “I love him.” At the beginning of this year, the Argentinean player Sergio Aguero started dating Sofia last year. It is being one year they are in this relationship. Sofia who is a model confirmed that she is in love with Aguero in the month of May.
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Aguero Dancing to Win Mysterious Argentina’s Title

Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero are the two veterans are now busy in making up for squad’ struggles in the tournament before the beginning of quarter-final opposite Venezuela.

This was the welcoming gesture for the squad of Argentine. When the team reached in Rio de Janeiro before the Copa America knockout stage, fabled club a famous club of the host city, Fluminense, had the set of shirts that are a replica and was kept as a gift.
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Sergio Aguero Returns To Manchester City

It’s indeed a rare sight to see a striker boasting a record in the Premier League with 143 goals out of 206 games. Such is the skill possessed by Sergio Aguero but unfortunately not many people have recognized it for past 7 years now. But there is something good waiting for Aguero this time as he would be returning to Manchester City in the coming week. In addition to Aguero, many other renowned champions would take part to play against Chelsea. Aguero is geared up to be a part of the procession in Manchester City. These players are preparing themselves for the Premier League seasons. Before the tournament begins, the players would pay a visit to Wembley for Community Shield.

As far as Aguero is concerned, the new season is a great opportunity to hit 200 goals for the city as he only finished 190 due to an injury. The 30 year old is one of the best goal scorers so far in the City and if he crosses 200 goals, he will soon be known as the greatest players of the Blues. Aguero plans to return to Independiente in the year 2020. This means, Aguero along with David Silva could return to Etihad Stadium after their contract expires at the Manchester City. Well, it’s time the 30 year old gets all the recognition of being the best striker ever of the Premier League. The Argentine is currently at 12th place of the Premier League top scorer list and Jermain Defoe is the sole player who is at par with Aguero.
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