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Manchester City have been good this season but not necessarily at their best with some poor results which has seen them lose pace with leaders Liverpool. However, Pep Guardiola has a growing problem in the attack which has been on for the past three seasons.

The choice between Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus has been one that has plagued the Spaniard since the arrival of the Brazilian three seasons ago. Initially, Gabriel Jesus had the edge with the Brazilian, high pressing a major factor in Guardiola’s decision.
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Sergio Aguero’s place on the list as the greatest striker to play for Manchester City is without doubt as he holds the all-time scoring record at the club. However, the forward would add more history to his stay at the club if he can lead the team past a trying week.

Manchester City have a series of fixtures that could have a huge bearing on their season as they face Tottenham at home in quick succession before making the trip to Old Trafford. The Argentine was partly at fault for the poor first leg result at White Hart Lane last Tuesday as he missed an early penalty for the Citizens.
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Fernandinho And Silva Add To Guardiola’s Injury Woes

Injuries to the primary midfielder have left the manager of the team with a selection problem before the midweek European clash. Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager has claimed that he has 15 available senior players for the Champions League game against Hoffenheim after Frenandinho and David Silva were injured.

Silva is going to be out for several weeks after he sustained an apparent injury in the hamstring in loss of Man City by 2-1 at Chelsea. Fernandinho completed the first league defeat of the team of their defense for the title. However, they weren’t comfortable at the end of ninety minutes.
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Guardiola doesn’t want his players to be complacent

Pep Guardiola has admitted that his team has been stunning this season, the way his players found their feet straightaway despite having returned to the club after a while from national duty and thrashed West Ham United by a margin of 4 goals yesterday, it speaks volumes about their quality, but the coach urged the players to not let the complacency to creep in.

According to Guardiola, when a team start believing that this is the best they can play or this is their peak, that’s not an ideal situation because then the team stops working as hard as they should or as hard as they have been working to reach this position and it then gradually leads to their downfall. So what is important for the City players and not only the players but also the support staff is to tell each other that they can do even better than this and that they should continue working hard.
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Sergio Aguero Accepted Defending To Erase The Doubt Of Pep Guardiola

The strike rate of Argentina is up and it is there with the best, but only now the all-time top scorer of Manchester City convincing his manager that he is the finished article. Huddersfield was beaten by Manchester City with the score 5-1 in the FA Cup fifth-round replay last year in March. Aguero scored twice, but after the match the whole discussion remained centered on the topic, whether the player had any future at the club. According to Pep Guardiola, he clearly felt that there were elements of the game of Argentinian that did not match with his vision. He brought Gabriel Jesus in the team with a view to ease him out as it seems.

On that evening mood of Guardiola was irritable, as it is likely to be when he is pushed into evasion. Answering the question about the future of Aguero “10 times”; more precisely, the same question he was asked for 10 times.

“Media is aware of my opinion. By that point, his turn meant everyone did and perhaps, had Jesus not succumbed the knee injury that let Sergio Aguero back into the side; the team of Argentina would have left.

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