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Guardiola doesn’t want his players to be complacent

Pep Guardiola has admitted that his team has been stunning this season, the way his players found their feet straightaway despite having returned to the club after a while from national duty and thrashed West Ham United by a margin of 4 goals yesterday, it speaks volumes about their quality, but the coach urged the players to not let the complacency to creep in.

According to Guardiola, when a team start believing that this is the best they can play or this is their peak, that’s not an ideal situation because then the team stops working as hard as they should or as hard as they have been working to reach this position and it then gradually leads to their downfall. So what is important for the City players and not only the players but also the support staff is to tell each other that they can do even better than this and that they should continue working hard.
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