Sergio Aguero Relaxing Ahead of Shakhter Tie

Aguero is relaxing the Champions League clash in City. He is in a great form and hoping to surprise match followers this as well just like his last performances. But right now he is relaxing with his love Sofia Calzetti, who is a model and a student. Sergio Aguero has photographed with his girl Ibiza recently ahead of Champions League clash that will take place in the City itself. The couple was captured soaking up in the sun before today’s side match played against Shakhtar Donetsk. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Sofia Calzetti shared Formentera’s snap as they looked in front of the sunset into the distance; she has posted this picture on her Instagram account. Smitten Sofia posted the picture with the caption: “I love him.” At the beginning of this year, the Argentinean player Sergio Aguero started dating Sofia last year. It is being one year they are in this relationship. Sofia who is a model confirmed that she is in love with Aguero in the month of May.

And they have since been totally besotted. The duo frequently shares snaps on vacation around the globe on Instagram. They are reported to have met at a Buenos Aires nightclub. Sofia is a part-time model, though she is studying auctioneer as well. There love picture is popular among fans of both Sofia and Aguero. Currently, Aguero is enjoying the best phase of his time in football after scoring in all five of opening Premier League games of the City.

So far, they are playing Shakhtar in their season’s first Champions League game. But they’re coming off Norwich’s shock defeat, leaving them five points in the league behind the Liverpool. After Shakhtar, the team will play Watford on Saturday and hoping for a great game.

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