Robin Van Persie purchase Finally found to be Fruitful

When Robin Van Persie was signed up to Manchester United for a whopping cool 22 million pounds back in 2012, there were a lot of eyebrows raised as fans questioned whether or not this was a good decision.

Why were so many people prone to disbelief over the decision to sing him? As of recently, the striker was very injury prone and had a significant knee injury that could easily hinder his performance.

This has been easily related to Zlatan Ibrahimovic who a lot of people are claiming could be the same person on terms of deals and being signed at ill-advised times. A lot of questions came up when Persie was signed, such as “why would they sign someone who is so old?” It’s definitely a valid question and as you age, your body is far more prone to knee injuries than healthy young players.

Knee injuries are very rampant in this industry and even some of the youngest and healthiest players face injuries on the knee they can’t avoid. This puts players back months of progression. Here’s the real question though, why should United sign someone who is so injury prone and old that they might only get exactly one season out of him? He’s also going to cost a lot in wages and many people just don’t feel that he’s worth it.

However, when we look at Zlatan’s track record, he has an impressive win streak as he has gone on to win the league almost every single year he played. He won the league from 2003 to 2010 and then from 2013 to 2016. Winning 11 league titles in four different countries is definitely no joke and no small feat. So while there are some cons to signing Ibrahimovic, there are definitely some pros as well but the management well just have to weigh out those pros and those cons.