Adebayor: Wenger Made Arsenal Hate Me

Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has accused long time coach Arsene Wenger of making the club hate him. The Togolese national team skipper said the French tactician allowed misinformation about him spread when he transferred from the Gunners to Manchester City.


The deal which was reportedly worth £25 million angered core Gunners fans as he moved to newly wealthy rivals City in 2009. City were on a spending spree, buying the best legs with good money. They got Carlos Tevez, Kolo Toure and several other top stars, including Adebayor. The player now says he never wanted to leave the Emirates Stadium but that Wenger forced him to leave and even threatened to never play him if he refused to join Man City. Read More

Manchester City to go on tour

Pep Guardiola will be using the Man City USA tour to help the team prepare for the upcoming season. They will be participating in the International Champions Cup where they will be facing the likes of Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Liverpool.

Pep Guardiola said that participating in this tournament is a great way for him to assess his players and he will be looking forward to these tournaments. Read More

Aguero announces his desire to remain

With the 2018 winter transfer window having recently started, clubs and managers all around Europe are getting ready and trying to identify which players are available to be secured. Highly-rated and renowned players are usually some of the more attractive figures that big clubs are generally attempting to sign.

Sergio Aguero is one of those players that has consistently proved to have been able to score goals at a steady basis and the Argentinean player has recently unveiled details concerning his current situation in Manchester City as there were suggestions that Pep Guardiola and the former Athletic Madrid performer are in a unhealthy relationship, especially after he was replaced against Manchester United around 1 month ago. Read More


Sergio Aguero made his way to Manchester City on July of 2011 and ever since then; the Argentine attacker has been able to score over 20 goals in almost every single season and during some specific seasons, Aguero has even managed to finish as the top goal-scorer of the entire Premier League.

This occurred during the season of 2014-15 when Aguero scored 26 goals which was more than anyone else in the EPL.
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Atletico Madrid’s president critiqued Sergio Aguero’s exit

Enrique Cerezo is the president of the Spanish outfit Atletico Madrid and even though Sergio Agüero left the club over 5 years ago, Cerezo has recently had a few negative things to say in relation to Aguero and the way that he left the Vicente Calderon which was the former name of Atletico Madrid’s home stadium.

There was a point in time when Sergio Aguero was the hero of Atletico Madrid as he was consistently scoring goals for them and even turned into the main goal-scoring outlet for the Spanish club.

However, according to Enrique Cerezo, Sergio Aguero turned into the villain after leaving the club and it was mostly due to the way the he made his way out.

“Aguero has been the only player who left Atleti under a cloud, as he was stupid.He arrived as a hero, and he left through the back door.”Cerezo said in a sports television show. Read More


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Is Sergio Aguero still being tracked by Chelsea?

For the past few weeks, it has been rumored that Chelsea was interested in securing the services of Sergio Aguero as the Argentinean attacker continues to score goals on a consistent basis.

During the 2016-17 season of the English Premier League, Aguero found the back of the net on 20 occasions in 31 matches while the previous season before that, the Argentinean forward made his mark on 24 goals.

When it comes to scoring goals on a regular fashion, Aguero has certainly found the way to make it happen, at least with Manchester City.

Chelsea has recently been on the hunt for a player who can reliably score goals and Sergio Aguero for the longest of times has been one of their priority summer targets but taking into consideration that Chelsea has offloaded around £70 millionin luring Real Madrid´s Alvaro Morata to Stamford Bridge, it´s possible that Sergio Aguero is not in their radar anymore. Read More


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Will Burnley be the next club of Shay Given?

After 2 seasons in Stoke City, Shay Given´s relationship with the English Premier League club has reached it´s end.

For the majority of his time spent at the 365 stadium, the Irish shot-stopper has had to serve as a substitute goal-keeper with only a few limited appearances being made every once in a while.

The question that is beginning to rise now is in relation to the future of the 41 year old shot-stopper and the English Championship League club Burnley is turning into a realistic football destination that he might join in the next few weeks or days.

According to recent rumors and reports, the head coach of Burnley Sean Dyche is interested in signing the free agent Shay Given who was released from Stoke City at the end of the 2016-17 season.

Tom Heaton is the main shot-stopper of Burnley but the arrival of a new goal-keeper such as Shay Given can give a wealth of experience to the team of Sean Dyche as well as boost his squad depth. Read More


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Former England captain David Beckham is at a crossroad over his bid to get all the requirements so he can have an MLS soccer team.

His bid to get a team has been delayed for all sorts of reasons. Now the fate rests on the county that owns a small plot of unused land which is crucial to his plans of building a stadium.

Beckham’s top advisor Tim Leiweke told residents of Overtown district that this is the “last chance”for them to get a stadium or a MLS soccer team. The group has failed three times to get previous sites and this could be the last attempt. They spent three years in securing USD500million in private funds but the politicking has delayed the project till date.

Beckham and the group have secured most parts of the land required for the 25,000 seater project but they need the last three acre to get the stadium. The county is set to vote on the land transfer deal on June 6. If the Beckham ownership group seal the USD9million deal, they would likely be awarded the MLS 24th franchise.

Leiweke, who has worked on 19 stadiums, said this was the most difficult process he has dealt with. The group premiered a new design which it believes is the best in the league during a community forum ahead of the vote.

The Miami Marlins baseball stadium agreement which involved almost USD500million initial public investment is set to be sold to a group for lessthan its value with the funds not going back to the public coffers. Despite the assurances of the Beckham group, the county remains sceptic.

Beckham’s group recently added LA Dodgers part owner Todd Boehly as part of their plans for robust funds which would all come from private coffers. The residents are treading softly as they have heard of it before – the announced plans. In addition, they are afraid of the vehicular and human traffic that would accompany the stadium, though there have been promises of jobs for the community and a youth academy.

Sergio Aguero a Different Player under Pep Guardiola, claims Rosler

Uwe Rosler believes that Manchester city striker Sergio Aguero has been changing a lot under the regime of Pep Guardiola.

Since the former Bayern Munich and Barcelona manager came to the club in the summer, he has been in full praise of Aguero. Yet, the striker has witnessed less first-team action in the second-half of the campaign while Manchester City have also brought in Jesus from Brazilian football for close to £ 30 million. It is clear that Jesus is now the number one forward at the club.

Guardiola was recently spotted meeting Aguero and his agent at a restaurant in Manchester. This led to widespread speculation that the striker would be sold in the summer. However, it appears to have been a meeting in order to sort out differences between the two parties. Guardiola is a manager who wants all his 11 players to work as a team in order to defend.

This means that the striker has to press high up the pitch. This involves doing a lot more work than just trying to spot spaces where the opposition can be exploited. This move did not seem to favour Aguero, as he initially struggled. Now, he appears to be back to his best but it is still a sea change from the Aguero the Premier league has witnessed over the last five years.

“When you compare Aguero from last season to this season, you can see a massive change.A change in terms of courage, high-speed running and a willingness to counter-press. Plus, he still scores goals. You can see Aguero is trying to buy into the ideals of Guardiola. What he does off the ball this year, is far more than he did last year. I would never lose him – I’m a big Aguero fan,” said Rosler.

Sergio Agüero is climbing the goalscorer list of Manchester City

Despite having only been a Manchester City player for 6 seasons, Sergio Aguero has already made his way into the history-books of the Premier League club as the Spanish attacker has scored 154 goals which is enough for him to snatch the 3rd spot in the all-time goal-scorers list of Manchester City.

Tommy Johnson has secured the 2nd spot with 166 goals and Eric Brook is at the top with 177 goals but taking into consideration the fact that Sergio Aguero only needed around 5 years to reach this feat is extremely impressive as Eric Brook took 13 years of performing with Manchester City to score all of his goals while Aguero is reaching that task in less than half of that period of time.

The 28 year old attacker is consistently scoring at least 23 goals in each season for Manchester City and at this pace, by the end of the season he should be able to reach the 2nd place of the all-time goal-scoring list.

The €45 million that Manchester City spent in signing Sergio Aguero back on 2011 has proven to be one of the best signings in the history of the Premier League as the Argentinean attacker is a player that manages to consistently score goals in each season as well as managing to avoid injuries.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that Aguero is regularly being targeted by top clubs and managers that want to secure the services of the Argentinean player who appears to be able to perform at an extremely high level despite being in either the Spanish League with Athletic Madrid or in the English League, the Premier League with his current club Manchester City.

Even though Aguero is frequently being offered the chance to perform in different clubs with distinct teams, neither Manchester City nor Aguero himself appear to be interested in ending their relationship which is good news for the Premier League club as they have in their control, one of the most talented players in the world and it’s even better for Aguero as he is climbing his way into the history-books of a club that can not only compete to win the Premier League but also the Champions League.