The upcoming 2018 World Cup is being filled with doubts and questions concerning if Russia is the appropriate nation to host one of the most viewed sporting events in the world but there are also concerns in relation to the 2022 World Cup which was selected as the nation to host the event.

There has been however, a number of controversies surrounding Qatar and if the nation is appropriately suitable of hosting the event. There are allegations of corruption which state that Qatar was allowed to ‘’buy’’ the World Cup and not only that but there can also be a potential climatic problem with Qatar and the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter even saying later on that awarding the World Cup to Qatar was a mistake due to the extreme heat which may cause the date to be switched from summer to winter.

During the usual summer of Qatar, temperatures are scaling around 40 degrees Celsius between June and July and there are concerns that these climatic conditions can harm players as well as fans and now the possibility of the date being changed to winter is being taken into consideration.
Greg Dyke is the chairman of the Football Association (FA) and he revealed details concerning Sepp Blatter and a trip that the president of FIFA made to Qatar in July.

“Mr Blatter had flown to Qatar straight after the World Cup in Brazil so he was there in July and I think he just realized how unbelievably hot it is. His view is that we can’t possibly hold it in the summer. There seems to be some going back on that now, that we could hold it in the summer after all’’ Greg Dyke said.

There are a number of alternatives which are being taken into consideration in order to avoid the extreme heat of Qatar in the June and July and one of the alternatives that is being favored or likened by Sepp Blatter is switching the event to November and December when there will be a much more cooler climate and favorable for football but this can create issues with a number of domestic leagues around the world as there would be a clash between the schedule of leagues and matches of the 2022 World Cup