Atletico Madrid’s president critiqued Sergio Aguero’s exit

Enrique Cerezo is the president of the Spanish outfit Atletico Madrid and even though Sergio Agüero left the club over 5 years ago, Cerezo has recently had a few negative things to say in relation to Aguero and the way that he left the Vicente Calderon which was the former name of Atletico Madrid’s home stadium.

There was a point in time when Sergio Aguero was the hero of Atletico Madrid as he was consistently scoring goals for them and even turned into the main goal-scoring outlet for the Spanish club.

However, according to Enrique Cerezo, Sergio Aguero turned into the villain after leaving the club and it was mostly due to the way the he made his way out.

“Aguero has been the only player who left Atleti under a cloud, as he was stupid.He arrived as a hero, and he left through the back door.”Cerezo said in a sports television show.

A few hours later after releasing that previous statement, Enrique Cerezo went on to clarify what he had already said by announcing that he does not consider Aguero as a person to be stupid but that his exit was dumb.

“The only thing I said was that the player’s exit was stupid, not that Aguero is stupid. He is one of the best players in the world and I wish him all the luck in the world at Manchester City.”

Sergio Aguero is consistently a highly-rated player that every club wants to sign; he is currently performing for Manchester City and has finished in the top 10 goal-scorers list of the English Premier League for the past few years.

He is rumored on joining another club during the current 2017 summer transfer window as Chelsea are seriously interested in securing his services as well as other clubs but it does not seem likely that Manchester City are willing to offload one of their best players.

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