The Premier League has taken another twist as Chelsea claimed a crucial victory against Liverpool. This result will allow Manchester City on taking the top spot of the English league if they are able on securing triumphs on all of their remaining matches.

The match was played in the home-turf of Liverpool at Anfield Road and the team of Brendan Rodgers was favorites on winning but Jose Mourinho’s defensive minded squad denied the opposition their chances on scoring a single goal.

Jose Mourinho has been implanting a playing style that many are calling to be boring and its even being labeled as: ‘Parking the bus’ as most of the players are placed in their own half with the only chance of getting upfront is through counter-attacks or mistakes from the opposition.

This is the same strategy that Mourinho utilized during the first leg of the Champions League when facing off against Athletic Madrid and the match concluded with a scoreless draw – though that leftAtletico as favourites to go through according to the guys at australia holland odds.

Despite claiming such a season changing victory, Jose Mourinho is certain that his team will not be crowned as the champions of the Premier League and instead it will be either Manchester City or Liverpool.

“The champions will be City or Liverpool so we have nothing to celebrate. Obviously many people would be expecting us to come here and lose 3-0 or 5-0, like others. Many people thought it was impossible to get this result’’.

“But the boys had an amazing performance so I’m so happy for them and for the fans. This is the spirit we always want at Chelsea.” Mourinho revealed.

A few days ago, the Portuguese coach stated that he is only focusing on the Champions League and it may be one of the reasons of why he does not believe that Chelsea will win the English league.

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