Aguero Dancing to Win Mysterious Argentina’s Title

Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero are the two veterans are now busy in making up for squad’ struggles in the tournament before the beginning of quarter-final opposite Venezuela.

This was the welcoming gesture for the squad of Argentine. When the team reached in Rio de Janeiro before the Copa America knockout stage, fabled club a famous club of the host city, Fluminense, had the set of shirts that are a replica and was kept as a gift.

The T-shirt had numbers along with the name. The numbers were the number of all 23 footballers of Argentine who were using the training ground of Fluminense over the last few days. After receiving the presents, the team appreciated the efforts and after that joke started. Thiago Silva asked his last club for locking up Messi in a cage while he is there in order to keep the captain of Argentina from leading his side to the win of tournament triumph that sluggish form of Argentina makes doubtful but that the motivated Messi might still do.

At the same time, the tired Argentine players who are also motivated, but for self-interest muttered how some players in their patchwork, annoyingly contradicting squad would also earn a jersey with a number at a Fluminense who at the present time hovering just around the relegation zone in A championship of Brazil’s Series. Messi would certainly and naturally Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero. Beyond them, it is debatable, skeptics reckon.

The positive thing about Copa America Argentina campaign that has upset in doubt towards quarter-final played on Friday night opposite Venezuela at Maracana is that the result is improving. The team faced 2-0 defeat against Colombia came a draw with Paraguay. And it had 2-0 win on guest entries, Qatar. This was the only win secured after the post was hit by Qatar.

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